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The Last Curlew

We are thrilled to introduce our film The Last Curlew, an adaptation of Canadian author Fred Bodsworth’s environmental classic: Last of the Curlews, starring the beloved actor R.H. Thomson, the radiant Liyou Abere and the captivating Rheal Rees! Filmed on location in beautiful Mulmer Township and Collingwood, Ontario by Director Gregory J. Sinclair, Director of Photography David Mewa, drone work by Ben Sharp, thrilling performance by harpist Lori Gemmell and violinist Etsuko Kimura, and riveting dance by the spectacular artist Julia Aplin and sound by the Juno-winning Pete Gemmell.

The reluctant birder and grieving widower Grandpa brings his equally reluctant teenaged granddaughter Dearie on a pilgrimage to see what may indeed be the last curlew. It is a journey that will change both their lives forever.

We are currently applying for film festivals and will soon announce a release date for this beautiful project. 

Tom Allen



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