JS Bach’s Long Walk in the Snow

J.S. Bach's Long Walk
JS Bach's Long Walk in the Snow
Harz Mountains
Harz Mountains
Johann Sebastian Bach is usually seen as the wise, old man of Western Music, but he didn’t begin his working life that way.  At 18, and in his first job as an organist, still barely beginning life as a composer but already a spectacular performer, the young genius got into such trouble that the only thing he could do was to walk away. JS Bach’s Long Walk in the Snow takes you along on that trip: a 400 km odyssey to a glittering northern port city with street fights, big business, insight, fulfillment, the father figure he didn’t know he needed and, quite possibly, love.  With glorious music – both familiar and gripping – from Lori and Tom and a various cast of brilliant musical friends, JS Bach’s Long Walk in the Snow brings that troubled young man in from the cold.

The adventure of the twenty-year-old Bach was told with humor, skill and imagination. Each of the musical selections was like a tiny perfect jewel combined to create a glittering whole. It was a singular pleasure from beginning to end.” (more…)

Joyce Janzen – SecretaryThe Valley Concert Society, Abbotsford, BC

Tom Allen