Greek Myths

Tom and Lori
Two timeless tales of lust, abduction, revenge, full of seductive nymphs, hideous monsters and flawed heroes… Our Greek Myths show mixes the tragic story of the Death of Hercules with the entrancing music of Canadian composer Marjan Mozetich… And follows with the spectacular Crown of Ariadne by the late R. Murray Schafer. Originally conceived as part of Schafer’s art circus The Greatest Show, Ariadne puts Lori at the centre of a virtuoso, multi-instrument tour de force. The story – the myth of Theseus, Ariadne and the Minotaur – is a riveting tale of heroism, love at first sight, and fate.

Gemmell not only played the harp superbly but also played an array of percussion instruments. At times she was playing the harp with one hand and banging drums with another. Can someone arrange a bonus in her paycheque?

Ottawa Citizen

Tom Allen