The Missing Pages

2023 Missing Pages Cast - Square
230430 Missing Pages - credit: Tim Wilson/Personamedia
photo: Tim Wilson/Personamedia
Written by Tom Allen
Directed by Derek Boyes
Derek Boyes – Ludwig van Beethoven
Tom Allen – Anton Schindler
Patricia O’Callaghan – Susannah Sotto
Gregory Oh – Theodore Molt
Lori Gemmell – harpist
On December 16, 1825 Theodore Molt became the sole Canadian to meet Ludwig van Beethoven, but what could have happened between the two men? After Molt’s florid greeting in one of Beethoven’s notebooks, the following four pages were violently ripped out and destroyed. Betrayal? Competition? Scandal? Or just old fashioned ego and pride? With music, song, drama, history and informed speculation, The Missing Pages investigates.
The Missing Pages as featured on CBC Radio’s The Sunday Edition with Michael Enright.

Tom Allen