The Last Curlew – Spring Migration!

The mighty Eskimo Curlew’s actual migration took it from well above the Arctic Circle to Patagonia and back again every few months. All told, about 28,000 kilometres round-trip. Admittedly, we’re only going a few hundred up and down the 401, but when you add a concert harp and five excellent performers it begins to feel significant!

The Last Curlew, is a theatrical adaptation of the pioneering environmental novel by Canadian journalist and naturalist Fred Bodsworth, The Last of the Curlews.
Published in 1955, this slim, powerful and haunting
story gives both the author’s words and the namesake bird wings still today, even as the Eskimo Curlew is listed as critically endangered, and possibly extinct.

Our version of the story features a breathtaking dance performance by Julia Aplin, virtuoso playing by both Mark Fewer and Lori Gemmell and music by Ralph Vaughan-Williams, Alexina Louie and R. Murray Schafer…  and the story, told in a distant future between an aging grandfather and his somewhat disinterested teenaged granddaughter, by me and the brilliant young actor and filmmaker Annika Broadhead.

Our shows are:

-April 27 in the lovely Old Town Hall, in Waterford, Ontario

  • April 28 in St. Andrew’s Presbyterian, Stittsville, Ontario (just west of Ottawa)
  • April 29 in St. Columba-by-the-Lake in Pointe Claire, Quebec
  • April 30 in Hudson and the historic Village Theatre.

If you are flying past the area on your way north, drop in and see us. Bodsworth’s haunting story will be with you the rest of your journey, no matter how far you go.