Bohemians Heading West!

Bohemians in Brooklyn, the ribald show about a houseful of great artists trying to be great artists, but just as often settling for a roast and two veg and some company for the night, is packing up its beauty, its brazenness, its bawdiness and everything else and heading west. WH Auden, Carson McCullers, Benjamin Britten, Peter Pears, Colin MacPhee and – we wouldn’t run away from home without her – Gypsy Rose Lee (pictured at left in her finest riding pearls) will all be along for the ride, as portrayed by Bryce Kulak, Patricia O’Callaghan, Lori Gemmell and me.

We’ve even got a new poster for the occasion:

Sweet, eh? Thanks to Caleb Mitchell for the design and photography by Max B. Telzerow.

It was the energy of this story – of a brownstone full of artists in working class, wartime Brooklyn (that’s really it in Caleb’s design) that first drew me in as a storyteller, and first drew us together as a performing troupe. Since then, in 2012, we’ve given this show dozens of times in the eastern half of the country, but this is the first time we’ve saddled up and taken it west.

Well, okay, we’ve saddled up and headed west before:



These shots are from our 2016 Weimar to Vaudeville tour, and our stop at Moose Mountain Lodge in Bragg Creek, AB – so delightful we’re going back for a house concert before we head home. Before that we’re in BC, in¬†Kamloops, Summerland, Vancouver, Kelowna, Rossland and Creston.¬†Details are on the gigs page. Please get in touch if you’re going to be there!