Bohemians in Lovely, Old Vintage Halls

Two shows of Bohemians in Brooklyn this weekend, both just outside Toronto and both in beautiful, heritage buildings.

Tonight, Saturday, October 15 at 7:30 we’re playing in the storied Old Waterford Town Hall, 113 years old this coming January.

The sun is shining as we prepare for what is bound to be a picturesque drive from Toronto. If I am forced to admit it, I will say that I am quietly jealous of Bryce and Max for being able to drive a convertible to get there.


However, try as we have, we just haven’t managed to get hold of a ragtop that will accommodate a concert harp. Still, Waterford is charming, Claire Senko is a generous hostess, 1297814470153_originalthe hall is warm-sounding and full of history and we know Britten, Auden, Carson and Gypsy will be right at home.


And tomorrow, Sunday October 16, the very same Bohemians will invade the equally charming (and fully two years older) Gravenhurst Opera House for a performance with the venerable Muskoka Concert Association (venerable, yes, but at a mere 70 years old, still very spry).

It will be my second performance in this Vaudeville-era building, the first being 1988, I think, when a delightful evening of music and a fine reception did nothing settle the burning question of the day: whom, exactly, among the members of the Great Lakes Brass locked the keys in the trunk of the rented Ford LTD?

I know what I remember. That’s all I am prepared to say at this point.

Join us Sunday afternoon for what promises to be a wonderful time, and please, pat your pockets once or twice before you close the trunk.


And while I’m at it – please enjoy the brand new videos we created this summer on each of our chamber musicals and check my gigs calendar to see when we’re coming to a vintage hall near you.