Being Lost

Being Lost - Cast
Written by Tom Allen & Jeff Reilly with:
Tom Allen
Jeff Reilly
Patricia O’Callaghan
Peter Gemmell
Lori Gemmell
Tom Allen and Jeff Reilly’s Being Lost is inspired by American composer and conceptual artist John Cage, and his 1965 trip to Emma Lake, Saskatchewan, when he went into the woods to hunt for mushrooms and failed to return for 15 hours. With singer Patricia O’Callaghan, harpist Lori Gemmell and multi-instrumentalist Pete Gemmell, Being Lost tells the story of Cage’s misadventure while investigating what it means to be lost – whether in the woods or a Bach Fugue or a pandemic or a shopping mall or a post-colonial society – and ultimately, what it means to be found.
“Being Lost challenged the way we hear music. It was complex, thought-provoking and brilliant and full of beautiful music.”

Stratford Summer Music audience member, August 2021

Ottawa Chamberfest performance

Tom Allen