Smile - from Weimar to Vaudeville

Here is Pete Gemmell’s beautiful arrangement of a lovely tune composed by the multi-talented Charlie Chaplin. It’s the perfect for From Weimar to Vaudeville, but, in this remote recording, also fits the sadness and hope of the current situation.

The Final Frontier:
The Surprising Musical Origins of Star Trek

A fun time-bending journey through the past and the distant future, powered by a much-loved musical pattern, some great music-making by the Gryphon Trio, Rob Carli, Patricia O’Callaghan and the incredible, constantly re-appearing Jamie Parker.
A hearty tip of the hat to David Mewa for the consistently brilliant camera work and direction on all these videos.

A Musical History Of Death: 'Exit Music'

How the Dies Irae, the medieval song of death, has so far ushered out 40 human generations, and through the help of Star Wars and The Lion King, is happily dying still.

This one relied on the life-giving work of three angelic harps, a bassoon, a tuba, two pianos, lots of percussion, four singing monks and an unseen but very-much-there improvising bass clarinet. It’s to die for!

'DO-RE-MI': How we got the 'Do' in Do-Re-Mi

Much help from Trish O’Callaghan and the wonderful Joe Macerollo here, as well as the Bishop Strachan choir and plenty of bicycles. This is why we sing Do, Re, Mi, and how different things would have been for Julie Andrews if The Sound of Music were filmed in the year 1029.

The Secret Love Story Behind Brahms' Lullaby

Johannes Brahms’ famous Lullaby was a love song composed for his first and unrequited love. Trish again, along with the Gryphon Trio, Jim Creeggan and an angelic trio of singers, plus a cameo by the producer of all these videos, Jeff Reilly, who reveals himself to be (who knew?) a fetchingly handsome industrialist.

Tom Allen @ KW Symphony

A series of clips taken from a 2006 Sunday Light Classics concert with the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orchestra. The program was introducing the audience to the history and themes of the opera.

Tom Allen on Josef Myslivicek

In the Shadow is a featured segment on Tom Allen’s Classical Goodtime Variety Show. This clip, on the tumultuous life of a Mozart-era Bohemian named Josef Myslivicek, is a good example of the kinds of stories, and the quality of the music, featured in the segment.

Tom Allen